Sports Nutrition

When we exercise our body tries to cope with the rhythms that we set in order to achieve the goals we want. It is very important, therefore, that we provide it with the appropriate “fuel” so that it rewards us by achieving our goals.

With a personalized diet plan you will manage:

  • Carbohydrate charging
  • To increase your muscle mass
  • Provide your body with the right number of calories
  • To improve your performance
  • To know what you can consume before and after your exercise or workout
  • To conquer any sport (football, basketball, marathon, etc)
  • To prepare for races
During the first session, it is important for me to get to know you and lay the foundations of your diet.

It includes:

  • Analysis of your medical history according to the medical examinations that you will have with you
  • Write down your eating habits and preferences
  • Weight measurements (fat measurement, body measurement, etc.). You should not have consumed any food or fluids before you come
  • Define your goals in detail
  • Personalized diet based on all of the above

The first session lasts 1 hour and each subsequent session 30 minutes.

Frequency of sessions: 1 per week

  • Evaluation of the previous week
  • Identification of any issues and solutions to address them
  • Adapt and reform your diet based on your next week’s program