Weight Gain Techniques

The most common phenomenon is that someone wants to lose weight. There is a small percentage of people who try unsuccessfully to gain weight. How many times have you been in a group and someone has complained that he is trying to put in and he can not? It seemed strange to you and you may have laughed with him.

Gaining weight, however, is much more difficult than it may seem. People who need to put on weight can fall into many categories. There are people who want to put on “volume”, ie muscle mass because they go to the gym. There are also patients such as those with End Stage Kidney Failure, ie in the phase of dialysis but also the elderly with poor nutrition. Finally there are people who are just very thin and usually hyperactive.

In my article I will talk to you about the last category. The profile of these people is as follows. They are usually young men, mostly young, who work a lot, that is, they have increased burns. They eat a lot of food and maybe poor quality. So one would expect them to be overweight just because they eat enough. But the fact is that they need to put on and not lose weight. The reasons for being underweight in these people are complex. Both diet and gene profile are affected.

But even these people can achieve their goal, it just gets harder. The following ways can help.

  • Use “hidden” calories. There are foods that have very high calories in a small volume. Such foods are mainly sources of fat or just foods with high fat. But we make sure it is of good quality. That is, in no case would we choose very fatty red meat. The increased fat is better to come from nuts, olive oil, tahini, peanut butter, sesame etc.
  • Limit fiber consumption. The meal has more calories than the salad. So, it is good to limit the salad to 1-2 cups (depending on the case) so that it is possible to eat a larger meal.
  • We use 4-5 main meals. These meals should be divided so that the body manages to “starve” a little so that it can be consumed after the whole main meal.
  • High calorie snacks. Such snacks are an ally in the effort to gain weight. These snacks can be pastries from sesame and honey or nuts in general, cereal bars marked: “for energy”. Also a choice of dried fruits (because they contain the same calories as fresh without unnecessary volume), nuts, multigrain breadsticks instead of just whole, multigrain bread instead of white or whole.
  • Finally, it is good to limit fluid intake very close to or during the meal. By consuming a lot of fluids near the meal, it is not possible to consume food that will provide rich calories.

Do you have someone close to you who complains that he can not put on weight and you want to lose? Do not laugh with him, this desire is understandable. After all, in the diet everyone sets their own goal. Remember that diet is something very personal because we are all all completely different!