The Beach Power diet

We are celebrating the beginning of summer! Welcome to the summer season with the special Beach Power diet!

With August just around the corner and quarantine still having its marks, I could not leave the audience who loved my articles so much, without what they deserve. Weight loss is a personal matter for us and that’s why I challenge you to follow the “Beach Power” diet to enjoy your summer losing your extra pounds!


Yogurt 2% + 2 tbsp black currants / cranberries without sugar + 2 tbsp cereals without sugar.
Or 1 glass of milk + 1 slice of wholemeal bread + 2 kg of tahini + 1 kg of honey.
Or 1 slice of wholemeal bread + 2 tbsp avocado + 30g goat cheese + 1 fruit.
Or 2 whole breadsticks + 1 boiled egg / 30g Light cheese + ½ glass of juice.


1 cereal bar without sugar.
Or 2 breadsticks + 1 small fruit.
Or 30g stevia chocolate + 1 small fruit.
Or ½ handful of nuts + 1 fruit.


Grilled fish 90- 120gr + 1.5 cup seasonal salad + 1 cup rice or oatmeal or quinoa + 1.5 cup seasonal salad + 1 kg olive oil.
Pork lemonade without fat 90-120g + 200g potatoes in the hull + 1.5fl green salad + lemon.
Omelet or Salad of SEF with 2 eggs + 30g light cheese + 30g turkey + seasonal salad with ½ fl crouton + ½ fl corn + mustard & amp; lemon.
Chicken 90- 120g + white cream with evaporated milk 3 tbsp + mushrooms + penne / barley 1.5fl + tomato salad 1fl with 1f rocket + balsamic.
Giants / chickpeas lemonade / lentils 1fl (or in salad) with 2 roasted Florin peppers + 30g smoked fish + 1 slice of wholemeal bread + 1.5fl season salad + 8 olives.


Tortilla with grilled vegetables + 2 tbsp cottage cheese Domokou.
Or Toast with cheese and turkey + vegetables.
Or 2 egg slices in a non-stick pan with a little agave syrup.
Or Chicken / fish from noon to 2/3 of the amount + salad with 2 toasts.
«” Greek “pizza in a small round bag with 1 slice of light cheese + 30g goat cheese + fresh tomatoes and 3 chopped olives.

TIP 1 : Are you hungry or wanting sweets? Try the chocolate drink I suggest! It weakens you because it satisfies you without giving you unnecessary calories !!!

Recipe: 1 kg of glucomannan powder, cocoa with 1% fat, stevia / other sweetener and a little milk, beat it all together like frappe. Its taste will surprise you!

TIP 2: Put a few drops of green tea extract in a drink every day. This secret burns fat and increases your metabolism!


  • Prefer to eat your breakfast often as this really awakens your metabolism!
  • Salads and vegetables in general are your ally. They satiate you and make you lose weight by limiting the increase in blood glucose that increases lipogenesis!
  • If you forget a meal or if you eat more do not panic! Keep up the good work and you will be rewarded!
  • If you need further help remember to trust ONLY professionals who know their job and have a license to practice!