Nocturnal Overeating Syndrome

How many of us have not been in the fridge late at night looking for food?

This is no accident. But nocturnal overeating syndrome is not just the “lingering” we feel. This syndrome is characterized by eating a large amount of food, mainly high in carbohydrates and sometimes even without recalling the incident. Carbohydrates are chosen because when taken, it causes a feeling of calm. Incidents increase in a period of psychological pressure and stress but also with age.

It is normal to feel hungry in the morning as blood glucose levels are depleted. However, people with SNY have morning anorexia because they get up to 60% of their total daily calorie intake in the late evening.

In addition, people who have been on a diet for a relatively long time, who completely exclude “unhealthy” foods are more likely to develop some of the characteristics of this syndrome. What is certain is that the human body needs everything and it is not possible to exclude large groups of foods. Even when we are dieting somewhere we may need a break. In consultation with our dietitian we can partially avoid such incidents by discussing with him and asking him to adjust the diet he gives us according to our needs.

Finally, if you notice that cases of nocturnal overeating are frequent and do not stop with the temporary reintegration of some “forbidden” foods at normal times, visit a specialist in eating disorders.