Lose the pounds of the holidays

The summer holidays are over, ice cream was eaten, rich meals in taverns by the sea. And now what;

What is certain is that if you resort to strict diets such as increased protein or very low in calories, you will suffer unjustly.

It would be good to think of changes that you could make in your life more easily. Below are examples that you can apply having a strong effect on weight loss, increased metabolism and the treatment of emotional overeating.

Eat  3 meals a day.

This will increase your metabolism, “burning” more calories at rest. In the middle and / or afternoon meal you can add some of: fruits, nuts, yogurt, fruit jelly without sugar

Increase vegetables and salads.

When you eat salad with the meal, you get full faster and your meal does not “fatten” you the same. Oily foods such as: okra, beans, tourlou, spinach have significantly lower calories as they have limited oil. Thus, they are your ally in weight loss.

Eat soups.

Research has shown that people who eat soups at least once a week are leaner.

Put exercise into your life for 40 ‘per day.

Exercise increases burning, improves serum glucose, increases insulin sensitivity (the body can more easily cope with “sugar”) and of course leads to lipolysis.

Drink sugar-free drinks.

These offer you a reduction in hunger and appetite without having calories. They are also refreshing because we do not forget that we still have summer! Such drinks are: soda, mastic water, mineral water flavored with lemon and mint, cold tea without sugar, etc.

The trinity of nutrition.

The main meals if they have vegetables, meat (or cheese or fish or chicken) and bread (or rice or pasta or potato) then they are considered balanced. In this way the metabolic impact of the meal is such that it allows satiety, reduces the feeling of hunger and maintains the metabolism at high levels.

Family support.

It is very important that the people around us understand our desire to lose weight. So we can explain to them how important it is for us to lose weight and suggest ways to help us (eg, not to bring sweets home.

“Eat a small bite.”

Studies have shown that people on a diet have a better response after their diet, when they sometimes consume 1-2 bites a week of the foods they used to eat and are fattening. This way there is no deprivation and weight loss comes more easily as the attachment to the diet program increases.

“Do I need a dietitian?”

Good question. There are people who can lose weight without help. The point is to follow good practices so as not to burden health. Improper practices are those that promise too much weight loss with the use of minimal calories and / or deviation of large food groups such as fruits, starches, etc.

 “Am I ready to go on a diet?”

Ask yourself the following questions: 1) With an excellent 10, how much do I want to lose my extra pounds? And 2) With an excellent 10, how ready do I feel I will make changes to make it happen? (If the answer is 7 and above, then it is a good time to start! If it is from 6 and below, then start your effort a little later!