The sabotage of others in your attempt to lose weight

There are several reasons why someone might want to sabotage your weight loss efforts.

  • Getting someone to eat something with him, while both of you should be a little more careful about your weight, will make him have less regrets. If you hold back, it will fill him with feelings of inferiority.
  • Of course, the above may be related to the fact that someone wants to sabotage you because he does not want you to achieve your goal or because he is jealous that you have set a goal and are chasing him, while he himself, although it would be good to do the same, does not he succeeds.
  • The insecurity that you can become better than him.
  • He may think that you will not succeed and that is why he tries to disorient you, so that you do not get disappointed.
  • He may be worried that you will overdo it (eg you will eat too little or exercise too much).
  • If we are talking about your partner he may be afraid of how your relationship will be affected if you lose weight.
  • Finally, you can sabotage yourself by sending contradictory messages to those around you such as: one day you say “I really want to lose weight, help me diet” and the next “I would kill for a crepe ».

Tip 1:

It is important to remember why you are starting the effort and to often remind yourself how you think you will benefit. It is a good idea to write down the reasons you want to lose weight on a piece of paper.

Tip 2:

Explain to those close to you why it is so important for you to lose weight this time. Others may not realize that this time you really mean it.

Tip 3:

Not everyone needs to know that you are dieting. You can say I’m just not hungry now or I just ate or put it in a package to eat at home. Do not forget that by eating something because someone is pressuring you or because you do not want him to start asking you if you are dieting, you will satisfy the other and then you will be angry with yourself that you ate it. In this way you reduce the insecurity of the other and increase your own. Why do this?

Tip 4:

Explain to your friend that losing weight could benefit your relationship, not harm it. That it will help you feel better about your body and have more confidence is something that could improve the atmosphere between you and in a relationship we are fine when we are both well alone on our own first and then together. If one does not feel good about oneself this negatively affects a relationship.

Tip 5:

It is normal for you to miss something at times. So ask others to help you, reminding you why you started the effort and not to bring you what you asked to leave them alone.

Tip 6:

Ask them not to have high expectations of you so as not to stress you out. If they see you exaggerating, it is important for them to tell you that something did not happen once, that deprivation is not normal, and that they believe in you and your success.

Tip 7:

Because every person is different, it would be good to explain to others what helps you and what does not. Maybe a way to lose weight worked for a friend. But that does not mean that you should do the same. There are several methods for weight loss. Choose the one that suits you!