Diet on Lent

Is it impossible to lose weight on Lent and especially on Lent?
The answer is: “accordingly”. Do you want to lose weight? If so, follow the 10 simple tips that follow and make a dynamic come back to the Resurrection with all eyes on YOU:

  • Choose a protein breakfast to boost your metabolism. Choose: Bread with tahini and honey, toast or rice wafers with cheese / soy cheese.

  • Accompany your meal with small touches of protein such as: fava beans, hummus and mushrooms that you can eat raw in a salad or saute / grill for “meze”.

  • Follow the recommendation of the Ministry of Health and put in your weekly diet 2-3 times fish-seafood. With these your body can “forget” that it is fasting.

  • Consume “complementary” proteins to cover the difference between meat and its derivatives. Examples of these are: bread / toast + tahini, legumes + wholemeal bread, soy cheese + wholemeal pasta, rice + legumes.

  • Beware of increased fat consumption. Such sources that can make you fast in fasting are: sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, sesame, halva, olives and of course the excess fat during cooking

  • BUT: seeds should be a daily habit in some cases because of the good fats they contain and their protein. Put it in your breakfast or at a snack, but measuring the quantity. This is because: 1 kg of pumpkin seeds or sunflower seeds are equivalent to 1 kg of olive oil and have 45 kcal!

  • Are you hungry? It would be good not to overeat fruits as even they contain “sugar” and will not help you lose.Combine your fruit with a few seeds to … “keep” your meal longer.

  • Prefer to consume more soups! Research has shown that those who consume soup twice a week have a lower Body Mass Index, so they are leaner!

  • Did he know that Calcium has been linked to weight loss? And where to find it now that you do not eat dairy? Its rich sources are: bread and pasta, almonds, green leafy vegetables and soy dairy products enriched with calcium!

  • Finally, you who are more traditional and do not eat any oil on Lent: Prefer sesame oil and not sunflower oil or corn oil. Sesame oil is rich in nutrients and essential fatty acids that have been linked in weight loss studies !!!

The festive days of Easter are days full of love and hope. I wholeheartedly wish the message of the Resurrection of the Lord to bring the best to all people! And don’t forget, diet means health!