Diet at the Beach

July made its appearance with high temperatures and the idea of the beach has already crossed your mind ουμε We leave behind the negative emotions left by the quarantine and look for the air coolness that an excursion to the sea offers us!

If you decide to go on a day trip on Sunday:

It would be good to start with a good and balanced breakfast! This could be a cheese and turkey toast with 1 fruit or a yogurt / milk / kefir with cereal or a bun.

On the beach you need enough hydration and protection from the harmful effects of the sun! Do not forget that sun protection is not only in your sunscreen but starts from within you. Fruits provide your body with a number of antioxidant vitamins that are a shield against free radicals created by sun exposure. It is important to understand that even the elasticity of the skin starts with the diet because the well-known collagen that you have heard contain infinite beauty products, is synthesized by your body. Collagen is made by your body and its base is vitamin C. So the consumption of fruits and natural juices, in addition to protecting you, also beautifies you.


No problem, with the help of fruits and vegetables you can achieve the best tan you have ever had! How; But of course with Carotenoids! Colorful fruits and vegetables contain significant amounts of carotenoids which give you the tropical tan you have always dreamed of! It is no coincidence that sunscreen ingredients contain both carotenoids and vitamins E & amp; C!

ATTENTION : It would be good to avoid consuming alcohol and very salty foods in combination with excessive heat! The heart is overwhelmed when you drink alcohol on the beach with something very salty like chips and the risk of heart attack increases!

What if I’m hungry?

What I suggest is:

A fruit salad with a little yogurt

Club Sandwich with chicken or turkey (with minimal potatoes if not at all!)

For your hydration: Cold tea without sugar or natural juice or plenty of cool water!

But we will go to Tavern after…

No problem! Even there you can turn the meal in your favor! Do not forget that food can be an ally and not a cause for regret!

So Main Dish I suggest you choose between: Seafood such as grilled octopus, steamed mussels or saganaki, grilled shrimp and finally all kinds of fish. Combine with plenty of salad with some bread and do not forget an appetizer. From the appetizers I suggest: roasted eggplant / peppers, hummus or fava which is an excellent choice with seafood. Finally we can drink a glass of white wine. The white wine with a proven antioxidant effect is Cabernet Sauvignon Blanc and from Greek varieties Moschofilero.


What would be a nice Sunday excursion meal on the beach without dessert? For this category I suggest a ball of cool vanilla ice cream or 1 ice cream stick with stevia! If you have not tried it you do not know what you are missing! As for the other flavors of ice cream, remember that the more ice cream there is, the more calories it has. For example, if you choose one with a cookie or nuts, it has too many calories, sugar and fat!

Following my advice you will notice that you will not struggle, you will have a great time because you will not be deprived of anything and of course you will have your health but also the body of your dreams!