10 reasons for weight gain

Many times we wonder why we can not control our weight … We have all met people who eat a lot and still do not gain weight … After all, what is it that makes you fat? Why are some thinner than others? Is it a matter of metabolism? Is it a matter of body type? Let’s look at some reasons:

It is a matter of psychology

Lean people are very likely to actually eat foods that we think make them fat. It has happened to all of us to go out to eat with friends and to see them unable to eat much more than people who are at the same table with extra pounds. Our lean companions may have actually eaten more, but the next day they usually tend to consume less, in order to compensate for the above calories they consumed.Obese people on the other hand, especially if they are worried about their weight, feel remorse after the table, but because they think they have done something “bad”, they have a completely different treatment in the coming days. So, considering that they have gone astray, they consume less and more “correct” foods.

The little food

Here is the paradox. Indeed, too little food makes you fat. But how; When there are not many and frequent meals it is possible to reduce the basic metabolism. The human body is “smart”, so it believes that it will not get the essentials and keeps fat reserves when we do not eat often. When we say often we mean every 2.5 to 3 hours. Our body does this because it wants to ensure that it has enough energy in an emergency. But when we follow a balanced diet with frequent and small meals, then the body “knows” that it will have a steady supply of energy and thus increases its basic metabolism by “burning” calories. The opposite effect will have the consumption of food in a shorter period of 2.5-3 hours and is called “snacking”

Lots of food

It is very understandable because the high consumption of food, ie calories, has as a consequence the positive energy balance. In other words, the calories taken in are much more than what our body really needs. Thus, body weight increases and of course fat stores. It will be good to reduce the calories we take in to achieve a negative energy balance resulting in weight loss.

The … “sitting”

Our energy needs are the sum of our basic metabolism with our Physical Activity. By exercising frequently, even for 30 minutes a day regularly, we increase the calories we can consume, either to lose weight or not to gain weight. On the contrary, it will greatly reduce the calories we take in every day to have a loss, or we will gain weight … So, by adopting a sedentary lifestyle we tend to have increased body weight. Reduced physical activity is also associated with a number of diseases such as obesity, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, metabolic syndrome and others.

Food and hunger

We never buy food hungry! When we resort to the search for food with the feeling of hunger present, then there is a high probability of consuming very unhealthy foods! The choices we will make most of the time will be: foods high in carbohydrates, foods high in fat, foods high in sugar and processed foods. It is good to plan our meals so that when we are hungry we know what to eat in advance.

The Wolf and the Sheep

It is a very common phenomenon to play hide and seek in our kitchen or refrigerator. No matter how much restraint we have, if we have unhealthy foods at our disposal, it is very likely that we will consume them. “I hide chocolates at home for the kids”, “I always have a box of cookies or petit fours in the back closet for guests” are excuses we often hear to keep fatty foods at home. Who and what guarantees us that we will not go astray? In order for a weight loss effort to be successful, it is recommended to avoid … “contact” with factors that sabotage our effort. To the guests we can offer with their coffee or drink a nice and colorful fruit salad and to the children rich nutritional options without empty calories …!

“Bad” Company

It has been shown that people tend to adopt behaviors and habits from people around us. This is because man is a social being by nature. So in our effort to achieve our integration into a social group or group, we subconsciously or consciously adopt some characteristics. So, if our family or some of our friends have a tendency towards obesity, it is very likely that they will seduce us as well. Either with a full fat meal, or with very frequent visits to restaurants and patisseries, or in the sedentary life … What we can do is list the positives that health offers a better approach to diet and exercise, or set a good example for them to want to look like you! Of course there is a high probability that we will not succeed. But having in mind that each person makes his own choices, we can now consciously choose to be “different”!

Gene Factor

Even if you think this is the case, know that you are not helpless and see why with the following example: Consider that if you have a genetic predisposition to extra pounds, you are an insured full revolver. With the sedentary lifestyle, the gun is unlocked. With poor nutrition, you pull the trigger …!

Night Raids

You do not need to be excessive. When we exclude many food groups that we consider to make us fat, there is a chance to look for them at night (mainly) when our defenses “fall”. It still happens to many, to wake up during the night to eat. Even diet in the strict sense of the word to do we can here and there to consume foods that are considered “bad” in moderation. If we see a specialist he will tell us when and what we can consume if we are missing something. Also do not forget that we can find delicious and nutritious solutions to the problem of sweets for example. As long as we have imagination and an appetite for effort!

I was invited to a table

Sociability must be encouraged. It makes a lot of sense to be confronted with very attractive food at a party, a wedding, a celebration or a social gathering. But when we see a very attractive food, remember that this will not be your last chance to have this food. Satisfy yourself with a small part of it! You also do not need to empty all the dishes offered by the hostess to convince her that everything was delicious! Think afterwards that it will logically have a sweet …