Διαχείριση Βάρους

Weight Management

Do you wish to gain weight? Do you need to lose weight? Have you reached your goal and wish to maintain it? I am here for you!

Κλινική Διατροφή

Clinical Nutrition

Our diet affects our health. Whether you deal with health problems or you just want to improve your medical results, the solution is here.



Fertility – Pregnancy – Breastfeeding. If you are at one of these phases, you need to follow a healthy diet and to have a lifted spirit. I can provide you with them both!

Αθλητική διατροφή

Sports Nutrition

Every athlete strives for the maximum performance. Daily training and recovery require a comprehensive eating plan that matches these physical demands.

Παιδική & Εφηβική διατροφή

Child & Adolescent nutrition

Nutrition is a critical factor for appropriate child and adolescent development. Get a customized diet plan for children and adolescents, based on the latest guidelines for healthy weight.


Nutritional genetics

The diet of the future is here. At KaraDiet we know what innovation means as we keep a close eye on science and technology developments.


Fat measurement

Wondering what is the fat percentage of your body? Do you want to know in detail the composition of your body? By knowing your body better, you gain complete control of your weight!